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Suerte Pharma Limited was established in 2016 as a parallel import licence holder and licenced re-labeller and re-packager of pharmaceutical products.

The Suerte team is made up of a number of departments including Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Compliance and Production.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs manages all of the company’s regulatory matters including maintenance of Suerte’s extensive portfolio of product licences. The department vigilantly monitors changes and updates to pharmaceutical products to ensure that all products re-labelled or re-packaged by Suerte are compliant with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulations.



The Quality teams are at the heart of the company, providing a foundation of processes upon which the company operates. The Quality teams overlook all quality related processes to ensure that every stage is compliant with Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulations. The teams are guided by the company’s Qualified Persons who also work closely with the Regulatory Affairs and Production departments to maintain an efficient and productive system.

Quality is an essential part of our mission because we take pride in the products and service that we supply. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.



The Production department is made up of over 100 production operators spread across a number of in-house departments including label printing, braille printing, FMD printing, leaflet printing, re-labelling and re-packaging.

Suerte has a separate FMD team that manages the company’s FMD processes including de-commissioning and re-commissioning all re-labelled and re-packaged products.

Having all the teams located within the same premises ensures clear channels of communication and a smooth operation of business.

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